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Fitness Direct leads the pack when it comes to health and wellness. We offer fitness products of superior quality at the most affordable prices not just because it’s good for business, but because we also want you to feel and look great. This is why, in addition to our high-end machines, books and gym gear, we also offer a wide selection of mats from familiar brands like Body Solid, Kettler and Aeromat, to name a few. This offering includes gym mats, sticky mats and equipment mats, which allow you to workout comfortably, safely and with style. And our unbeatable pricing can’t hurt either! Check out our amazing selection today.

The Right Mat Provides Traction, Comfort and Peace-of-Mind

Simple as it might seem, a good mat is an essential accessory. Regardless of whether you’re a weightlifter, a yoga enthusiast or a cross trainer, working out on a bare floor or carpeting is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous. Maximize your comfort, safety and sanitary conditions in your home gym by procuring the mat most suitable to your needs. For instance, a basic sticky mat makes situps and crunches more comfortable, easing strain on the back, neck and head. Sticky mats provide the support and traction essential for perfecting posture and balance. These mats offer a non-slick surface that provides maximum grip and cushion while stretching into the most demanding poses. And even weightlifters should always use an equipment mat. The thick, interlocking puzzle mats under their workout stations not only protect the floor should the weights come crashing down, but minimize slippage and rolling that can lead to serious injury. In addition, equipment mats are easy to wash, giving you added peace-of-mind in knowing that you’re exercising on a hygienic surface. And if after heavy, protracted use your sticky mat wears out, it’s simple and cheap to replace. The same can’t be said of your floor.

Fitness Direct Wants You to Have the Perfect Fitness Mat

Fitness Direct guarantees the quality and durability of our gym mats. Muscles and joints take a beating during any workout. As they say, “no pain, no gain.” On the other hand, the point of physical fitness isn’t self-abuse. So don’t sell your workout short struggling through your regimen without the proper mat. The improvement won’t just be in how you feel. You’ll look better too. After all, hobbling on blown-out knees or suffering sleepless nights for a pinched nerve isn’t a very suave image. Browse Fitness Direct’s collection of high-quality gym mats and find the style and color you want at prices that won’t hurt.

25 Products

25 Products