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Electric Bikes & e-Bikes

Electric Bikes & e-Bikes

Fitness Direct is a leader in providing people with the finest fitness equipment at unbeatable prices online. Our enormous collection of Kettler’s top-of-the-line electric bikes are an important part of this, a testament to the dedication we have to all our clientele. With an electric bike, also known as an e-bike, people at any stage of health, whether recovering from a recent ailment or just trying ease back into a fitness regimen, can attain their fitness goals. Utilizing our site’s intuitive search capabilities and the assistance of our knowledgeable staff, anyone can have great health, vigor and well-being. Find the e-bike model that fit your taste with Fitness Direct!

The Health Benefits of an Electric Bike for Cardiac Patients

An e-bike can play a significant part in a cardio rehab regiment. Health care professionals often recommend e-bikes to patients at an intermediate recovery stage. Exercise-based cardio rehab regimens increase survival rates in people with heart disease by about 27%. They require less cardiac exertion while allowing users the opportunity to get their health back. The amazing thing about e-bikes is that on top of reopening the road to health for so many, these bicycles provide a means of independent mobility that is also environmentally friendly. And in no time at all with the pedal assistance technology you can be cruising the streets near home or even climbing hills.

Fitness Direct Offers Superior Electric Bikes

Fitness Direct appreciates your need for exercise and mobility. Browse our site and see the extent and quality of our bike collection for yourself. You’re guaranteed to find the model you want at a price lower than you might expect. You might even qualify for our free delivery service of your new bike! Shop and save from our wide selection of bikes today!

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