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Women's Bikes

Women's Bikes

Fitness Direct became a leader in physical exercise equipment by dedicating ourselves to the varied needs of our clientele, and in time, coming to anticipate them. Traditional workouts at a commercial gym or in the privacy of home provide a wealth of resources to reach even the most demanding fitness goals, but sometimes you need the kind of exercise only women’s bikes can provide. At Fitness Direct we offer the finest selection of both women’s mountain bikes and women’s bicycles by Kettler. We promise you not only the best bicycles, but also the best prices to match . Browse from our diverse selection of bikes below today!

Choosing Your Own Path to Physical Fitness

Want to see beyond the walls and get outdoors to feel the elements? Women’s bicycles are the perfect means to augment your fitness regime. Women’s mountain bikes and standard women’s bikes provide a superior cardio workout as well as aiding in the strengthening and toning of the lower body. More than this, a vigorous bike ride stimulates the senses, which is equally important for quality of life. We offer a diverse selection of bikes, ranging from women’s mountain bikes to road bikes, both with various styles and features; Kettler mountain bikes with their sturdy frames, also come in a variety of suspension designs, front fork, rear, and dual. Providing you with comfort and agility, whether on or off the road. On the other hand, Kettler women’s road bikes made with lightweight carbon fiber let the rider feel the pavement, using a variety of rapid fire gearing designs. Decide for yourself. What paths will you choose, or will you strive to carve your own?

Choose From Our Wide Selection Of Women’s Bikes

Fitness Direct will do everything to ensure you get exactly what you want. Let our friendly, knowledgeable staff help guide you through our vast selection of women’s bicycles. Use our site’s intuitive search preferences; narrow your selection field down to the perfect model. It’s that simple. What’s more, we guarantee the lowest prices, the better to provide you dollar for dollar superior value, guaranteed. You might even qualify for Fitness Direct’s fast, free delivery service!

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