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Commercial Gym Design and Layout


Commercial Layout & Design Services

Our fitness professionals at Fitness Direct provide free complementary layout and design for our client’s commercial gyms. We use only the latest in Computer Aided Design (CAD) to produce high quality 2D renderings of what your gym layout will look like after the fitness equipment installation. Fitness Direct is also proud to offer 3D layout and design at an additional nominal fee.

Why use Fitness Direct for Layout & Design Services

For one, Fitness Direct has over two decades of experience in providing strategic planning and layouts for gyms just like yours! Not to mention, the service is complementary to all our commercial clients. Other benefits of gym layout and design are maximizing space and efficiency because every gym owner understands maximizing floor space, while providing proper mobility for gym members is the key to success. Layout & Design Services also establish the proper flow of fitness equipment in your gym. Having the proper-segmented Fitness Zones provides ease of use for members and allows then to properly visualize their workout plan.

The main benefits of gym layout and design, for gym owners, is addressing space issues and electrical problems before the installation. Being able to visualize your gym equipment in your facility before the installation allows you to identify machine crowding and dead-space, a gym owner’s worst nightmare! Also, making sure there is enough electrical to sustain your new fitness equipment is a must and that is thoroughly addressed in the gym layout and design process.

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