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Save Space with a Medicine Ball Rack

Save Space with a Medicine Ball Rack

Fitness Direct is proud to be a leading distributor of fitness equipment, and we take our Medicine Ball Racks seriously. We carry top-of-the-line Medicine Ball Racks from the best name brands in the business: Body-Solid and Torque!

Organization Means Effectiveness

Medicine Balls are great for rehabilitation and a core workout. But when your members are done with them, where will they go? A Medicine Ball Rack is perfect for storing, organizing, and showing off your medicine balls, catching your members’ eyes and spicing up the floorspace of your gym. Medicine Ball Racks create more floorspace and reduce the risk of accidental injury by storing away your medicine balls in a safe place.

The Most Durable Racks

All of our fitness equipment at Fitness Direct is made to withstand frequent daily use that comes with a popular commercial gym setting. You can feel confident knowing that our Medicine Ball racks are built with the finest materials, meaning they will stand the test of time and be around for years to come!

The Best Choice

Choosing the right Medicine Ball Rack for your gym is easy at Fitness Direct! Choose from a simple vertical rack, or a more abstract take on a standard rack. Or maybe you want an all-inclusive set complete with Medicine Balls and other equipment. Whatever you’re looking for Fitness Direct has the right equipment for the job. Browse below and find the right Medicine Ball Rack to fit your gym’s specific needs today!

12 Products

12 Products