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Aeromat is a poster-child for the contemporary fitness industry today. A sleek Californian company based just south of San Francisco, they focus on functional training methods and proprioceptive devices that turn physical conditioning into a quasi-work of art. Starting small and keeping their fitness perspective laser-focused has allowed them to grow at a fantastic rate by completely focusing on the folks who use their products.

A Commitment to Dynamic Movements

Aeromat is known for their medicine ball models, rollers, kettlebells, and other really neat devices which are beginning to show up in fitness facilities far and wide. For example their Body Toning rings, Posture Ball, Pilates Ring and the many balance devices. Trends today show that people are more interested in being healthy vs looking healthy. Fitness is moving inward, from the exterior to the interior where balance, stabilization, mobility, flexibility and structural strength and integrity matter.

Aeromat also represents an impressive line of rehabilitation devices like the Aeromat Therapy Peanut Ball, Therapy Rolls, the Grip Twister, Massage balls and hand exercising tools. Impressive! And don’t worry, for the more extreme fitness junkies or CrossFit-style fanatics, they’ve got an Extreme Performance Sandbag as well.

Getting behind the Aeromat Ethos

FitDir was a small startup once too. That’s why we’re happy to help bring their line of well-designed, dependable and long lasting functional fitness products to our community. Right now we carry their Deluxe, Power and Dual Power medicine balls, the Aeromat exercise mat (great for home gyms and fitness classes), along with three of their rollers.

Through time we’re most definitely going to add more because Aeromat is a dedicated team of professionals with amazing customer service, gifted designers and a genuine care for their users. It’s a good thing. Their social media presence is growing, their presence within the industry is gaining momentum at a steady clip and their feedback from users is gleaming across the board!

If we can answer any questions for you concerning their products, how to use them or anything else under the sun please do not hesitate to contact our service team!

8 Products

8 Products