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For 45 years and counting the BodyGuard brand has been a part of the contemporary fitness landscape. Why, you can look back through their lines of award winning equipment and see the evolution of human physical conditioning technology. In many respects, the BodyGuard approach set precedents that are now industry wide in terms of innovative design, robust testing methods, and manufacturing.

An Ethos of Functionality

At their core it’s about using technology to design machines that provide the most natural and realistic movement possible. Did you know it’s safe for a woman to walk throughout all stages of pregnancy? Well, except the very last one. Humans can walk and climb for extremely long distances safely.

Over organic old fashioned ground and terrain that’s one thing. But, when it comes to bringing the experiences of jogging, running, and stepping indoors machines need to provide low-impact environments and cushion. Again, BodyGuard starting setting the trends in this ethos almost half a century ago.

Ergonomic Peace of Mind

Their cardio machines, for example treadmills, and crafted with incredible ergonomic detail so that human minds and bodies are both safe and entertained. It’s about injury prevention and reaching fitness goals without all the fuss. Or, we could talk about their recumbent and upright bikes. Comfortable seats, easy adjustments, functional, etc.

At this point BodyGuard is doing it again with the way they’ve integrated into the mobile revolution. In 2014 they released ‘Imagine’ in the App Store? Check it out, it’s the very first iPad app for treadmills!

“Attach an iPad to your Bodyguard Treadmill and turn your console into an entertainment center. Imagine is a powerful iPad app that completely controls your compatible piece of Bodyguard Fitness equipment. By taking advantage of the iPad's state-of-the-art hardware 'imagine' can offer unlimited user ID's, advanced programming choices, a beautiful profile display with a customizable viewing setup as well as a detailed workout history with analytical tools.”

We’re proud to be your go-to source for a select segment of BodyGuard models. From the R9X and T560 to the jaw-dropping WorkWalker TreadDesk we think BodyGuard is one of the best companies in the business by far. Modern professionals and the millions upon millions of folks who are beginning to work more from home should take a look at the WorkWalker TreadDesk.

Step back and realize that right there, the WorkWalker model is a trend setting. So listen, if we can help you choose the right model or answer any questions don’t hesitate to reach out and contact our customer support team.

18 Products

18 Products