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Just before the turn of the 21st century in 1999 a man named David Weck invented the BOSU ball and functional fitness has never been the same since. From his designed an entire industry of proprioceptive devices spawned. Gyms, clubs, athletic training centers and physical rehab facilities far and wide sport BOSU balls today.

Overcoming Obstacles & Setting Trends

A decade later a study came out that tried to discredit the BOSU ball, claiming it provided no additional benefit to users vs. just performing the same exercises on flat ground. Here’s the deal, if you’ve ever used one you know that simply can’t be true. When you first stand on top of a BOSU ball with both feet, most people begin to shake and teeter. Add in some dynamic exercises or extra weight and the lower body, along with the lumbo-pelvic hip complex are heavily engaged.

Furthermore, here’s a snippet from the BOSU Wikipedia page:

“The BOSU is an official sponsor of the US Ski Team Professional teams and athletes, such as the US Ski Team, have incorporated BOSU Training to improve agility, speed, and overall athletic performance”

Do you know what BOSU stands for? It stands for “Both Sides Up” or “Both Sides Utilized” which goes along with their fitness perspective that focuses on body control and alternating bilateral coordination. Here’s how they describe the two core fundamentals of BOSU training:

1. Through balancing both left and right sides or hemisphere of the body, you force the central nervous system to control through symmetrical rotation.

2. Athletes can use a timing-efficient down/up movement that allows them to harness the Load to Explode exchange with their entire body in a powerful and effective way.

“Improving these two fundamental capabilities fortifies the foundation for enhanced performance in all movement, sports, and life. This harmony and balance you create in your body and your brain is called the BOSU Effect”

The Ultimate Home or Commercial Gym Accessory

We’re feel privileged at FitDir to be able to carry the Balance Trainer kit, the BOSU Rack for commercial establishments or small class trainers, the BOSU Pro Balance Trainer and the Ballast Ball Pro. Reviews from across the spectrum, throughout the years have proven the effectiveness of these products beyond the shadow of doubt and it’s obvious to everyone that the BOSU is here to stay.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask. Our support team have all used BOSU’s before regardless of the fact we don’t all go to the same gym. We can help you choose the right one for your needs and make sure you understand where to go to learn how to use all the dynamic fitness versatility and training they offer.

4 Products

4 Products