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21st century fitness is a rather exciting and exhilarating industry, thanks in part to innovative and refreshing companies like Diamondback Fitness. Established in 1991 they’ve been pumping out product after products and making fitness lovers incredibly happy, especially when it comes to their elliptical trainers, recumbent & upright bikes, and as well their truly exciting indoor cycling models.

Right now they server their customers through dealers based in the western world: US, Canada and Australia. It’s pretty impressive when one considers that they started as a small company in Kent, Washington but are not a subsidiary of Raleigh America, Inc. In fact, the fitness industry is speckled with success stories like Diamondback’s.

Why Diamondback Fitness Stands Out

First and foremost they get tons of good press for all the right reasons. From winning awards and scoring incredibly well in consumer reports to being represented by the best fitness personalities Diamondback Fitness has a huge community around them. So many of their models have awards it’s crazy. They’ve been all over professional fitness reviews, popular magazines like SELF, Consumer Digest, Women’s Health, Cooking Light, and Fitness. Even the team at TreadmillDoctor.com lavished some of their models as fabulous buys.

Some of Their Powerhouse Products

It’s been about two years now since Diamondback made massive waves in the industry by revealing and unleashing their indoor cycling models. In reality, there are very few brands out there that have such a rich history in the cycling world in general. They know not only what they’re doing, but what cyclists are after. These are top notch, heavy-grade, professional, and world class indoor bikes at affordable prices and accessible to anyone.

Their uprights like the 510Ub and the 910Ub are setting standards all by themselves. Diamondback represents truly next generation equipment with all the things people have come to love about upright bikes, and then they add plenty of new touches and things that take them to another level of cardio and strength endurance training.

With aging populations and plenty of obesity to go around, recumbent bikes are increasingly a popular way for people to train and get in shape for more demanding exercise. Both the 510Sr and 910Sr are about getting conditioned in comfort without any of the high impact or joint stress. Expect plenty of modern technological wonders, lots of updated interfaces and all the features you can handle at an affordable price.

Additional Perks from Diamondback’s Business Strategy

Again, they have a huge community which means that doing your homework on their products before purchasing is easy, but then again Diamondback loves their visibility. They’re a brand people trust and have come to know and respect. Their service center is pleasant to speak and work with, and their deals are at times almost ridiculous. They offer plenty of warranties and everything they produce is only the best.

Take advantage of their service plans, see how easy it is to get new parts, and become the next addition to the Diamondback Fitness family.

9 Products

9 Products