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The history behind the LifeCore phenomenon is part proof that the American dream still lives on and is thriving, and part love story. No joke, LifeCore is a 100% American fitness company that’s basically run by a happily married couple. Together they’ve gone from a receptionist and a humble guy selling exercise equipment out of his garage to being poised to be one of the industry leaders in compact quality fitness equipment.

Roger and Traci Bates are the minds behind LifeCore, and the innovators behind producing some of the modern world’s highest quality cardiovascular equipment like treadmills, elliptical trainers, rowers, and upright/recumbent bikes. They met as apartment neighbors in L.A. and hit it off right away.

The company was officially established in 2004, so it’s relatively new, but the story is much deeper and more romantic than that. They’ve been partners for 15 years, Roger has been selling equipment for 17 years, and they still to this day live by the philosophy that they have to break the mold with their products, and offer more to customers than they expect, and at a cheaper rate than other high-end manufacturers.

LifeCore Raising Industry Standards

 Back in 2010 it was their best year ever, with $9 million in total sales, which is astounding. That was up $6 million from 2008 and 2009, but not surprising when you consider they’ve gone from a garage to an 18,000 square foot warehouse that pumps out products to more than 250 stores and outlets across America.

These include everything from sporting goods stores, physical therapy offices, fitness clubs, apartment complexes, major hotel chains, etc. It’s truly inspiring. 

Recently, they were given four “Best Buy” awards in none other than consumer digest magazine, so things are only getting off the ground for this very successful couple who simply love selling exercise equipment, because to them it is paramount to spreading health, and better life-quality.  They’ve always been an active couple, and extremely involved in personal fitness.

After their first success they moved to Dallas and tried running their own fitness store, but it wasn’t long until they sold that company and moved back to California to open a better one in San Marcos, and the rest is history.

21st Century Fitness with LifeCore

America may be economically struggling, there may be a troubling obesity crisis going on, but LifeCore fitness is rising to the top of the mainstream health industry because they know what people need to get back in-shape, and offer the avenues to a trimmer waistline at a cost of between $800 and $3,500 which is much less than traditional high-end stuff.

Furthermore, they’re living proof that married couples can run a smooth business, and truly succeed. Again, it’s romantic and inspiring, and the future is extremely bright. Soon they may need a bigger American based warehouse, and will most likely be hiring additional staff to help with the massive increase in demand for their great cardio equipment lines. 

14 Products

14 Products