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The mainstream fitness world is a rather new, and yet it continues to overflow with innovation. Trends are led by small start-ups with extraordinary products, and a collective desire for more efficiency and training geared towards human excellence. At the center of elliptical trainer innovation is Octane Fitness, a fascinating company based out of Minneapolis.

Created by two young visionaries and entrepreneurs, since 2001 there’s one thing above all else that has led to their dramatic rise from humble fabrication garages to being in Oprah’s gym - focus. They’re dialed in specifically on elliptical trainers, and that’s where all their energy goes.

The Octane Fitness Dedication

There were very few brands and types of equipment available in the early days of the mainstream fitness world. When elliptical trainers first came out they were a simple means of indoor cardio beyond bikes and treadmills. Thanks to Octane Fitness they’ve become marvels of fitness-based ingenuity, research, and development.

Through 50 years of combined passion, knowledge, drive, and expertise, Octane Fitness consistently stretches contemporary boundaries of elliptical machines.

Because of this relentless progression, constantly testing and evolving the industry standard, their products are used in gyms like 24 Hour Fitness and Gold’s; they’re in NFL sports team gyms; and they’re part of athletic programs.

Elliptical Trainer Evolution

The archaic models of the past were great prototypes, but like the Model-T, were only touching off points. Today Octane Fitness elliptical trainers look, perform, and produce results in ways that the founders of the fitness world couldn’t begin to dream of.

  • Ergonomics - Along with obesity and the modern propensity for sedentary ways, maintaining and promoting posture has become of supreme importance. The machines of the past babied the body and didn’t promote proper kinetic alignment.
  • Biomechanics - Along with form the other concern is ideal movement. Internally the skeletal and muscular systems need to work together in harmony. The network of joints must be made to move without extensive impact or injury causing repetitive motion.  
  • Mimicry - The creators of Octane Fitness are relentless in their drive to give people machines that adapt to the natural form of their bodies in motion, rather than the other way around. This is where the company diverged from more traditionally centered competitors. Two examples are the focus on pedal spacing and converging arm paths like humans naturally do when walking or running.

Moving Forward with Octane Fitness

Founders Dennis Lee and Tim Porth are only getting started. New lines are coming out that offer features that have never been seen before. In fact, Octane Fitness has been named the best for five years running already, including 2012, and judging by the reaction from consumers and other industry leaders, the sky’s the limit.

A little over a decade ago it was two guys and a small team in a garage, and now they’re the proud owners of a top-selling elliptical trainer that’s led the way for 7 years straight.

18 Products

18 Products