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The PhysioCycle Unleashed

Many healthcare facilities implement exercise equipment in order to help patients maintain or recover their strength. The PhysioCycle, which is a recumbent elliptical/stepper, is one of the newer pieces of equipment on the market, and works well for people of all ages.

Many people use ellipticals for their smooth motion that prevents stress on the knees and joints. The PhysioCycle capitalizes on the gliding motion of an elliptical while providing it from a seated position. Not only does this further relieve possible pain in the joints, but it also provides a more stable exercise environment. The PhysioCycle also provides exercises for your upper body, allowing you to get a full body workout.

Modern Key Features

The Physiocycle is currently available in two different models, depending on your needs:

  • The PhysioCycle RXT
  • • The PhysioCycle XT
  • Both of the models feature an easy walk-through design that enables you to exercise comfortably. The seats    are adjustable and can be changed to 15 different positions. The PhysioCycle also keeps track of the total        amount of time that you worked out, the number of calories that you burned, the distance you traveled, the        speed you were going, and your heart rate.


Along with these features, the PhysioCycle also has the following:

  • • A bi-directional upper body ergometer with 2 hand positions
  • • A silent electromagnetic glide system
  • • A high resolution LCD display
  • • 7 total programs
  • • 8 different resistance levels, so that you can continue to get a great workout as your body gets stronger.


The PhysioCycle RXT is also a recumbent stepper as well as a recumbent elliptical, and provides a self-adjusting backrest. 

So, Why Choose PhysioCycle?

The PhysioCycle is a great product for both home use and commercial use. Health facilities, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers can all use the PhysioCycle as a way to help their patients maintain or improve their physical strength.

If you are looking at the PhysioCycle for your own personal use at home, you can reap great benefits there as well. As you get older, not only is it important to stay physically fit, but it is also important to do so in a safe way. Many of the exercise products that are available at local gyms can be uncomfortable for people to use.

When you are exercising at home, there is always a chance that you could overexert yourself, or injure yourself when getting on and off your exercise equipment. By using PhysioCycle, which implements an easy walk-thru design, you ensure your safety while exercising. 

However, remember that you should always consult with your physician or doctor before trying a new exercise routine. While the PhysioCycle is recommended by doctors, you should talk to your doctor first in order to decide what program to start with, and how to progress with your exercise routine.

2 Products

2 Products