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PhysioStep - Recumbent Elliptical Cross Trainer

One of the best new exercise machines available, the PhysioStep combines the comfort and stability of a seated position with the workout of an elliptical.

The PhysioStep has been recommended for a wide range of people, especially those who are in rehabilitation, who are aging, or who are deconditioned. Many medical facilities and retirement homes implement the PhysioStep to help their residents stay physically fit. The PhysioStep is also a great investment for your own personal use as well.

Contemporary PhysioStep Features

While some of the PhysioStep features vary from model to model, each PhysioStep machine are equipped with the following:

  •      • High resolution display panel for easy reading
  •      • A support rail to assist you in getting on and off the machine
  •      • A full range of elliptical motion
  •      • Ergonomic handles that allow you to work your arms and core


A few of the PhysioStep models also include color-coded buttons on the display, so that you can easily use the display without straining your eyes. Each machine features a number of workout levels and built-in workout programs that you can easily adjust to meet your needs.

The PhysioStep offers various ways to exercise, depending on whether you want a total body workout, or if you just want to focus on your lower or upper body.

Present Powerhouse PhysioStep Models

The PhysioStep is currently available in three different models:

  •      • the PhysioStep RXT
  •      • the PhysioStep MDX
  •      • the PhysioStep LTD


Each of these models is designed to help you to become more physically fit while reducing potential stress on your body. When your body is getting older, or if you are in physical rehabilitation, it is important to help your body to adjust to new exercises gradually, so that you don’t pull any muscles or injure yourself in any way.

The PhysioStep LTD is the cheapest of the three models, retailing at $2500. It provides a partial rail to help support you as you get on and off of the machine, and uses AC power. We recommend the PhysioStep LTD model for home or light commercial use.

Next up on the ladder is the PhysioStep RXT, which retails for about $2700. The RXT differs from the other models in that it is self-powered and it doesn’t need to be plugged in. We recommend the RXT for commercial, medical, or home use.

Finally, the PhysioStep MDX is considered the best of the three models. It retails at $3200, and features an oversized swivel seat, which makes using the PhysioStep even easier and more comfortable.

Why You Should Choose PhysioStep

Choosing the right PhysioStep for you may seem like a hard decision, but you can make the decision easier by determining how much you will use it, and what your budget is. You might even be able to test out the different PhysioStep models if there is a retailer near you.

No matter which PhysioStep model that you choose to go with, you will soon be enjoying better health and fitness.

6 Products

6 Products