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The Almighty PhysioTrainer

The compact design of the PhysioTrainer makes it one of the most convenient exercise products available. Not only is the PhysioTrainer more affordable than the other bi-directional upper body ergometers (UBE) out there, retailing at just $699, but its small size makes it easy to set up or put away when not in use.

The PhysioTrainer is also perfect for a clinic setting, due to its quality construction and the industrial strength materials used. The PhysioTrainer was constructed so that it can be used on top of a table for an upper body workout, or it can be placed on the floor for a lower body workout. Due to its unique design, the PhysioTrainer is recommended for both fitness and rehabilitation.

Popular PhysioTrainer Product Details

Unlike many of the other upper body ergometers available, the PhysioTrainer has a fully welded steel frame. This means that you don’t have to worry about the PhysioTrainer cracking or breaking after repeated usage. The PhysioTrainer also has industrial rust-resistant paint for easy maintenance, and a crack resistant commercial grade shroud.

To ensure that the PhysioTrainer is easy to use, it features a self-powered LCD display panel with a tilt design. This allows you to easily see how fast you are currently going, how much distance you’ve gone, home much time you’ve been exercising, and how many calories you’ve burned. You can even clock your distance in mph or kph, depending on your preference.

The PhysioTrainer weighs only 29 lbs., which makes it easy to move to where you want to use it. You can lift it up onto a table without straining your back in order to use it for an upper body workout. If you want to use it as a leg exerciser, it’s easy to move the PhysioTrainer to a convenient position on the floor, whether you want to lie on your back while you use it, or sit in a comfortable chair.

Important PhysioTrainer Features

To help you maximize your workout, the PhysioTrainer also has the following features:

  •      • An over-sized resistance knob that is easily reached and can be adjusted to 8 different resistance levels
  •      • An industrial Poly V belt drive so that you can pedal smoothly without any stiffness or sticking
  •      • Electromagnetic resistance for a nearly silent workout, allowing you to watch TV or listen to music while           you exercise
  •      • Adjustable handles with Velcro straps that are both easy and comfortable to use, whether for your hands          or your feet


The manufacturer’s warranty includes a lifetime warranty on the PhysioTrainer frame, a two-year warranty on the drive belt, and a one-year warranty on both the electronic components and the wearable parts of the PhysioTrainer.

Whether you are looking for a solid piece of exercise equipment for home use, or for something for your healthcare facility, the PhysioTrainer is a quality product that will help you get the results that you want.

3 Products

3 Products