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Unleash the Power of PowerTap

When it comes to cycling, PowerTap is the way to go. If you are a serious cyclist, you know that even though it’s vital to be on your wheels training every day, it’s also important to know how you’re doing. How can you improve your speed if you don’t know how fast you’re going?

PowerTap has developed a hub system that allows you to find out what your real-time performance is, with accuracy within 1.5%. When you’re on the track, those few seconds can be critical, so knowing exactly how you are doing is essential to training.

Modern Marvels & PowerTap Hubs

PowerTap offers a variety of hubs to help you with your training, including the following favorites:

  • PowerTap G3 MTB Disc Hub
  • • PowerTap G3C Hub
  • • PowerTap G3 Hub


At just $1099.99, the PowerTap G3 MTB Disc Hub is the lowest price of the PowerTap hubs, and is available in 32 different spoke options. It is also ANT+ compatible. It weighs 680 grams, including the rotor, and has a 32-hole count.

The PowerTap G3 and G3C are later models of the PowerTap Hub, and they’ve improved in many ways. They are much lighter, the G3 weighing just 325 grams, and the G3C weighing 315 grams. They are also smaller overall for convenience, and have wider flanges for a stiffer wheel. The G3C also features ceramic bearings to help you be as light and smooth as possible.

Joule GPS

While PowerTap hubs collect the data that you need while out on the road, the Joule GPS displays the data so that you can understand it. The Joule GPS was designed especially for cyclists who want to improve their power and their performance.

The Joule GPS features an integrated GPS that tracks where you’ve been and where you’re at, so you can actually see how you have been improving over time. The memory allows you to hold 40 hours of data, and the battery typically lasts 17 hours. This means that you can be out cycling for long periods of time without worrying that you’re going to need to stop and recharge.

The innovative design of the Joule also makes it easy and convenient to take with you, since it only weighs 75 grams and can be placed right on the front of your handlebars. The data that the Joule collects is also downloadable to your computer via ANT+.


In order to use the data that you collect, you need to be able to see it and analyze it. ANT+, a program that enables wireless devices to communicate with each across different platforms and manufacturers, allows you to do this.

With ANT+, you can get the latest in PowerTap technology without having to replace your entire system. Most PowerTap devices are ANT+ compatible, and you can use them with your existing devices to continue to improve your power and speed.

Joule, the PowerBeam Pro Trainer, PowerCal, 300 Pro/400 Pro Indoor Cycle, and the Plus-Series PowerTap are all compatible with ANT+, and some of them are also compatible with third-party ANT+ products. 

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