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It was back in 1983 at the National Sporting Goods Association trade show that three American entrepreneurs first revealed the StairMaster brand to fitness culture. On display was none other than the iconic, the original, the globally recognized StairMaster 5000 which was basically nothing more than a never ending mobile and motorized staircase. Brilliant!

Within short order Lanny Potts, Jim Walker, and George Schupp had revolutionized in-gym cardio and everyone knew it. The only thing that was missing from the original model was a display so the user could keep track of their workout information. It also came with a heart monitor (because stair climbing can be incredibly challenging) and you could even print out a summary.

The 4000PT: Another Game Changer

What came next was even more exciting. The 4000PT was completely different. Instead of a mechanical rotating stair case, users would pump two independent pedals up and down. To get a really clear picture of how club-based cardio has evolved, all we need to do is look at the innovative history of StairMaster. After the 4000PT, they released the Gravitron but it didn’t go over well only because it was a bit too ahead of its time. These days assisted chin-up and dip machines are commonplace.

Washington-Based with a Long Tradition

Between 1988 and 2010 the company had been owned by 7 different brands, the most recent of which is Core Health and Fitness. Each owner along the way added something of their own that has helped Stair Climber concretely situate itself in the global fitness industry. In fact, it’s one of the most recognized brand in nearly any gym in the western world.

Fitness Direct carries their most impressive products. From their StairMaster StepMill 3 (the most recent model in the series) to the SC5 StairClimber and the AirFit Bike. We’re proud to be a part of such an influential company. Nearly every single person who’s worked out in a gym has been on or tried one of their products. But, these days more and more folks are opting to invest in one for the home because the newest models are fully-equipped and tech-savvy to say the least.

The Kind of Cardio People Crave

Arguably the biggest reason StairMaster cardio machines have always been so popular and probably always will be is because they’re both safe and challenging. Many people would argue that 20 minutes on a StairClimber is much harder than on a traditional elliptical or stationary bike.

Plus, the newer models provide incredible feedback on touch screen monitors that are assessable through mobile devices and on and on. In ten years from now, it will be rather interesting to see where the StariMaster brings their products. Can you image the StairClimber of 2020? Welcome to 21st century fitness.

16 Products

16 Products