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Back in 1980 an innovative man, an inventor and engineer by the name of Roger Teeter was in his forties and suffering from debilitating back pain. But again, he was still a youngster so he longed to be outside, active and rugged. Despite his condition he competed in water ski’ing on the national level and went to an event for inspiration to design his own kind of waterskis. It was there that he first tried inversion therapy.

Up to that point every time he competed he had to wear, in his own words: “My back pain was so severe that I was forced to wear a steel reinforced lace-up brace every time I skied.” He tried gravity boots and suddenly he was pain free…completely.

And that ladies and gentlemen, was all she wrote. Within a year Roger and his wife Jenny had already created a company to sell their own inversion tables and Roger’s first pairs of the now globally known “Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots.”

The Teeter Focus

With such astounding success since then, the Teeters could have expanded their reach to any number of different products. It’s been nearly 40 years since that inspirational ski event. However, they’ve chosen to focus on one thing only: inversion tables and accessories. This focus has led Roger and his line of products to become legendary within the modern fitness industry.

How many of us have seen him on TV over the last twenty years alone? Back in 2006 the Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table became the longest running fitness product on the Home Shopping Network. How many people have used his inversion tables and boots to help them with their back pain: everything from the elderly and dancers to professional athletes?

Their most recent mention was in the Wall Street Journal article entitled “Benefits of Hanging Upside Down: Can It Really Help Back Pain, Improve Circulation and Combat Stress?”

“The article quotes Roger Teeter, along with other specialists in the field, including a professor of neurosurgery at Newcastle University, a physical therapist, and a physician/yoga instructor. By compiling and considering the validity of a variety of sources, the article expounds on the evidence suggesting why the benefits of inversion should be taken seriously.”

A Look at the Teeter Line

Here at FitnessDirect we’re proud to represent 25 Teeter products because we understand how challenging back pain and flexibility can be. Let’s take a look at 3 of the most popular:

Ideal for any environment, whether you represent an occupational therapy clinic, a modern fitness club, a sports franchise or just someone that would like to put an inversion table in their spare room at home. And Roger, he’s doing just fine. Heading into his 80’s and looking great! The Teeter story is far, very far from over. 

12 Products

12 Products