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Abs Company

Abs Company

It really is all in the name. The Abs Company is a sleek modern US-based business with a select line of abdominal machines: Ab Solo, Ab Coaster series and the Abs Bench. From a couple Americans with an idea to having their innovative designs sold in over 10,000 fitness facilities around the globe, they’re a force to be reckoned with. Pretty cool!

Once you begin to dig deeper into this brand you see that they’ve got an astounding presence in the contemporary world of health, athletic training and core sculpting. Their products have been in all the major print magazine publications, across the entire gauntlet of health news and research reports. Indeed, their community grows and grows

A Deeper Look into the Abs Company Brand

Their story is truly a heart-melter. You see, the co-founder of Life Fitness, Augie Nieto was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease back in 2005. He created Augie’s Quest to help fund research and drug development and over the last going on 8 years his initiative has raised close to $40 million!

The Abs Company has donated $30,000 to this cause so far helping to make Augie’s Quest the most substantial fundraiser for ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)! How neat is that? You can find out more by visiting: www.AugiesQuest.org

Jessica’s Hope is another project that the Abs Company is aligned with. What they do is donate fitness-based nutritional care packages to American troops stationed overseas. Why? The issue is that according to reports American troops lose substantial body mass during a single deployment. And no, we’re not talking about just body fat. This includes leans mass which is unhealthy and draining. So, Jessica’s Hope sends powerful protein bars, meal supplement powders and vitamin supplements! To learn more or get involved check out: www.JessicasHopeProject.org

Tech-Savvy Affordability

You would be shocked to see the depth of technology that’s been dumped into engineering, designing and perfect the Ab Coaster. We carry the entire series and as you’ll see they’re very affordable. Most folks, based on what they learn about the company, assume these products are super-expensive. Nope.

For example the Ab Coaster PS750 or PS500 are astoundingly effective and in countless popular gyms these days for a reason. Many home gyms sport them as well. Now, in terms of the Ab Solo Core Training Machine, that’s more for athletic training centers but if you wanted you could have one in the spare room?

Enjoy working that core of yours and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact one of our resident fitness fanatics.

15 Products

15 Products