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Total Gym

Total Gym

Who hasn’t seen Chuck Norris and Christi Brinkley rocking the Total Gym product line on TV and demonstrating its versatility in strength, flexibility, and Pilates-style training? While they’re the iconic faces of the brand, Total Gym is actually designed by EFI Sports Medicine Inc. out of San Diego, California. The first infomercial aired back in 1997.

“Chuck Norris has been using his Total Gym as his primary home gym for more than 30 years. He calls Total Gym his "lean, mean home exercise machine.” Chuck Norris isn’t alone 4 million users worldwide trust Total Gym.”

And let’s face it, urban legends tell of a fight between Superman and Chuck. Apparently the loser had to wear his undies on the outside of his clothes from then on.

Younger generations in modern fitness today don’t remember the bodybuilding culture in San Diego, or southern California in general, in the early to mid 70’s. Chuck does. They don’t know that the icons of the industry actually gave birth to machines and products like the Total Gym. It was developed for competitive bodybuilders by competitive bodybuilders Tom Campanaro, Dale McMurray and Larry Westfall.

The Birth of Functional Fitness

These are the names that injected functional fitness into the mainstream. What these guys wanted to do was create the perfect machine that gave them the ability to mimic everyday movements with incline tension/full range of motion and counter the somewhat limited unnatural movements in traditional free-weight-room bodybuilding culture.

Suddenly, what they ended up with was a functional fitness machine that didn’t harm soft tissues like joints and ligaments and gave them the ability to perform over 100 different exercises! Boom. The applications for body building were obvious, but the medical industry was especially interested.

GRAVITY Unleashed

Let’s fast forward to 2003 when the Total Gym brand, which had by then changed to EFI Sports Medicine Inc., teamed up with mainstream fitness club culture and released the GTS, or Gravity Training System. A new approach to functional fitness for commercial use in clubs and gyms. Within two years the GTS was across America, Australia, Russia, Spain, Italy and on and on.

It didn’t stop there though, because in 2006 the PowerTower model was created. Not for gyms or residential use, but for physical rehabilitation center, well centers, athletics, etc. Another fabulous success. Today Total Gym is a phenomenon. A golden standard of functional fitness.

A Look at the Total Gym Line

Fitness Direct is honored to share in the Total Gym tradition. We’re located on 8063 Balboa Ave, San Diego! We’re southern California fitness natives who appreciate what these products do for people.

If you have any questions about Total Gym or there’s any way we can help you decide which is best for your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support staff. 

14 Products

14 Products