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So many of the companies that compose the modern fitness industry have unique and interesting stories. Perhaps one of the most intriguing would have to be TRX (Total Resistance eXercise). While rope-based suspension training has been around for over a century, the TRX system was created and branded by a former Navy Seal and Stanford MBA graduate, Randy Hetrick. To say it changed the game would be an understatement.

Much more than a temporary fad, TRX has become a phenomenon. If you work out in a gym in America today, there’s likely to be at least one pair of TRX ropes hanging around. No can argue against the effectiveness of multi-planar, compound exercises and movements that safely devlop strange, core stability and flexibility without harming soft tissues: joints, ligaments and tendons.

Here’s a snippet of Randy’s story from TRX Training that explains how after 20 years as Navy Seal Commando, he became an iconic entrepreneur in the fitness world:

“In 2001, Randy hung up his fins to attend Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. He purchased a used sewing machine, set up a manufacturing station in his garage, and devoted his summer to prototyping, planning, and shopping suppliers. With a seed funding commitment from long-time friend and angel investor Joe DiJulio, Randy launched Travelfit, LLC, moved into a tiny office on Taraval St. in San Francisco’s foggy Sunset District and hired his first employees.”

No wonder fitness junkies continuously read about TRX in the likes of GQ, Men’s Health, Shape, and Entrepreneur magazine. Social media loves TRX as well, especially when it comes to instructional YouTube videos and success stories.

TRX, A Young & Powerful Influence

Most recently, TRX was named the 5th fastest growing private company in San Francisco and that’s really saying something considering the entrepreneurial culture there. It’s also said to be one of the very best companies to work for, and who can argue with that?

Here at Fitness Direct we’ve focused in on the core system and the best accessories. In time, as TRX grows and expands into more extensive product lines we’ll be sure to keep our customers in the loop. For now you’re cordially invites to check out the TRX HOME Suspension Training Kit as well as the upgraded Pro Package. We’ve got instructional DVDs and extra straps and anchors.

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9 Products