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Smith Machines

Smith Machines

Fitness Direct is your one-stop-shop for smith machine. As a leading distributor of Fitness Equipment, we select only the most respectable manufacturers for our inventory, and sell them at the lowest prices possible. We provide you with a wide range of styles and sizes to meet your specific needs and preferences. Choose from the top name brands, Tuffstuff, Body-Solid, Inflight, and Paramount!

Hit Your Max Weight Safely with a Smith Machine

These machines are used for exercises that target a specific muscle group while avoiding injury with a safety-lock mechanism, meaning you can push yourself to the limit without the need for a spotter. You can work your legs, chest, or back to your specific workout level and achieve amazing results to your desired muscle groups. From a standard bench press to standing calf raises, home gym machines can give an upper and lower body workout all in one machine!

Multiple Targeted exercises in One Single Machine

While smith gym system and smith press are generally large in size, one of these machines can do the job of multiple single-station machines, saving you time, money, and space, which is important in a home gym setting where space is limited. They allow you to increase weight gradually and to do diverse exercises for a complete workout. Plus, the independence that the safety-lock mechanisms provide mean that you can get a professional gym quality workout in the confines of your own home!

Expert Service and Savings on Your Next Smith Press

Choosing the right smith gym system is easy at Fitness Direct! We offer a wide variety of the best name brands, all at the lowest prices on the net. Just browse below and find the right smith gym system to fit your home’s specific needs today!

22 Products

22 Products