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Massage Equipment

Massage Equipment

Fitness Direct is your one-stop-shop for all of your massage equipment needs! We carry everything from massage tables to massage tools and have everything you need to create a harmonious massage environment right in your own home! Choose from the top name brand in the massage equipment business: Earthlite!

Nothing Beats a Good Massage!

Massage therapy is a great way to revitalize muscles and soothe soreness. A massage table can provide a form of relaxation and relief from muscle soreness that comes with intense workouts, and can lead to a healthier lifestyle while mitigating the chance of injury. From deep tissue massages to chiropractic realignments, our massage tables do it all! From pregnancy massage tables to healing massage music, Fitness Direct has the right massage tools for you. Whether you offer chiropractic services from home or know a good masseuse, you’re certain to have a blast with all of our quality equipment.

Different Massage Tables for Different Massage Styles

Massage tables come in various forms from standard massage tables to pregnancy massage tables. A pregnancy massage table is a specialized table that allows pregnant women to receive a massage while laying face down without putting stress on their abdomen. This means that some of the people who need a massage most can finally have one without worrying about placing too much pressure on their precious cargo.

Get the Most Out of Your Massages with Our Massage Accessories

To get the best massage experience possible, your home will need more than just a massage table and a masseuse. We carry everything you need to create a stress-relieving massage environment that will keep you and your family happy and healthy. We have everything from massage lotions, oils, and creams to cleaners and covers, to massage music, massage rollers, and much more!

The Best Equipment at the Lowest Prices, Guaranteed!

Choosing the right equipment for your home is easy at Fitness Direct. Choose from dozens of quality Earthlite massage tables and massage tools to create that peace and harmony that your home deserves. Our wide selection includes everything from general massage products to more specialized products like a pregnancy massage table. Browse below to find the right massage equipment to fit your home’s specific needs today!

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1 Products