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Treatment Tables

Treatment Tables

Fitness Direct is a leading distributor of fitness equipment, and we are proud of our lineup of portable massage chairs! We have the highest quality portable massage chairs at the lowest prices possible, and feature our favorite top-of-the-line massage equipment supplier, Earthlite!

A Great Massage Experience on the Go

Portable massage chairs are a great alternative to traditional massage tables. Maybe you’ve seen a massage set-up at your local mall, where a few massage chairs and masseuses tend to sore shoppers. The beauty of a portable massage chair is the fact that it is easily portable while still maintaining a high quality massage position. Portability means you can have outdoor massage sessions, or fit more massage chairs into a more confined space than a traditional massage table. You also have the added benefit of unique massage positions for added angles and adjustments that are simply not feasible on a traditional massage table.

Durability You can Trust

Fitness Direct knows that durability is an important factor in any fitness equipment purchase you make. You will be happy to know that our portable massage chairs are made with the most durable materials like aircraft quality lightweight aluminum, ensuring that any portable massage chair that you purchase can stand the test of time.

Quality Massage Chairs at Unbeatable Prices

Choosing the right portable massage chair for your home is easy at Fitness Direct. Choose from a basic Earthlite Zenvi Sound Chair, or go the extra mile with the Earthlite Vortex and Earthlite Avila II models below. The Vortex and Avilla II models come as part of a package, meaning that some accessories will be included. Click on one of the models below to get a description of each massage chair and find the one(s) to fit your home’s specific needs today!

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