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Pilates Reformers

Pilates Reformers

Fitness Direct is your one-stop-shop for fitness equipment, and we take our Pilates reformers seriously. Fitness Direct boasts the lowest prices for all of our fitness equipment on the internet, including our quality reformers. We have a great lineup of Pilates reformers for sale from the most trusted brand in reformers: Stamina!

Reformers Provide the Best Pilates Experience

The advantages of a Pilates reformer is its versatility. Exercises can be done standing, sitting, lying down, pushing the footbar, pulling the straps, and more! Reformers are favored among those looking for a low-impact workout without the use of weights, and improve overall strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance. This is especially helpful to those who are recovering from injury or have back issues. The reformers are fully customizable to work with your fitness level and range of motion, so no matter your needs they can be met by the reformer.

Reformers for Your Home

Reformers are perfect for the home setting! Because of the variety of exercises you can do with a reformer, it can be used in place of a variety of different exercise machines, saving space and time! Most reformers also fold up to store away after use, meaning you can use it pretty much anywhere with ease. Most of our reformers also ship with workout DVD’s that will give you a head start on learning the different exercises that get the most out of your new reformer.

The Right Pilates Reformers at Guaranteed Low Prices

Choosing the right reformer for your home is easy at Fitness Direct! Go with a basic model, or choose from our advanced models that come with different accessories. When you see the Pilates reformers for sale on our site you will understand how you can take your fitness to the next level. Just browse below and we’re sure you’ll find the right reformer for your home’s specific needs today!

12 Products

12 Products