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Wobble Boards

Wobble Boards

Fitness Direct is proud to be a leading distributor of fitness equipment, and we carry only the best in balance boards, wobble boards, and rocker boards. We carry high quality boards at the lowest prices possible, all from a top ranked fitness equipment manufacturer: FitBall Fitter.

Strengthen and Repair Using a Wobble Board

Wobble boards and balance boards are perfect for ankle rehabilitation, balance, and a great core workout. These board’s unique design will gradually restrengthen any pulled ligaments or sprained ankle muscles, providing a low-impact form of physical therapy for those with injured ankles. Stronger ankle muscles also leads to higher flexibility and reduced risk of injury, plus greater overall balance. While a balance board can seem like it’s primarily for recovery purposes, many skaters, snowboarders, and surfers use wobble boards to take their skills to the next level.

Dependable and Fun to Use!

At Fitness Direct, we know that each purchase you make for your home is an investment. You can feel confident knowing that we only offer top tier fitness equipment that can stand up to years of usage without deteriorating its efficacy; at Fitness Direct, all of our balance board, wobble board, and rocker board equipment is guaranteed to stand the test of time. We believe in providing the most value to our clients through top quality brands with discount pricing.

Large Selection at the Lowest Prices Online

Choosing the right board for your gym is easy at Fitness Direct! Choose from our 16” circular models or go for a 20” rocker board square model made for beginners. Each board is made with a non-slip surface ideal for shoes, socks or bare feet. Browse below to find the right wobble board, balance board, or rocker board for your home’s specific needs today!

4 Products

4 Products